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Good, Service, Commodity, Offering



A Product is any good, service, or idea that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need. In the broadest sense, products include physical goods, services, experiences, events, persons, places, properties, organizations, information, and ideas.

Role in Agile

In Agile methodologies, a product is the final deliverable of a project, the outcome of a series of iterations or sprints. The product is designed, built, and improved incrementally, based on feedback from users and stakeholders. This approach allows teams to adapt to changes and deliver high-value features first.

Role in Innovation and Creativity

In the context of Innovation and Creativity, a product is the tangible implementation of a new idea or solution. Innovation often results in new products or improvements to existing products that provide value to customers and competitive advantage to businesses.

Product Management

Product Management involves the strategic activities required to bring a product to market and sustain it. This includes identifying market needs, defining the product, determining pricing and positioning, and coordinating development, marketing, sales, and support.

Usage Examples

1. In an Agile project, a software application is the product that is incrementally developed and delivered.
2. A new electric car model is a product of innovation and creativity in the automotive industry.
3. A Product Manager is responsible for managing a product throughout its lifecycle, from concept to retirement.

Historical Context

The concept of a product has evolved from purely physical goods to include services, experiences, and ideas. This expansion reflects the increasing diversity of offerings that businesses provide to meet customer needs.


  • A product is just a physical good: Services, experiences, and ideas can also be products.
  • All products are tangible: While physical goods are tangible, many products, like software or consultancy services, are intangible.
  • Products don’t change once they’re launched: In Agile and Product Management, products are often improved based on user feedback.


  • Product vs Service: A product is a tangible good, while a service is an intangible offering. However, both aim to satisfy customer needs.
  • Product vs Project: A product is the outcome of a project. The project is the process of creating the product.

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